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Usage Areas
Hotel, Residence, Guest Houses or similar places

Room Definitions, Reservation Table, Accommodation List, Tariff Record, Scene Definition, Concept Record, Housekeeper Report, SMS, Notes

Program Essentials

You can control your front desk management processes by tracking through Wolvox Hotel program.It is able to track bookings, occupancy rates, room blockage operations, clients'''''''' check-in & check-out, client folio, incomes and expenses, agent contract operations, overnight reports and operation processes, etc...

* Entering reservations quickly and easily,
* Controlling repeating records while recording reservations,
* Specifying voucher info on reservation record,
* Selecting accommodation type while recording reservation,
* Selecting reservation type,
* Warning the user on specified date and time for the records that are "Pending" or "Reserved",
* Using one screen with advanced interface for all operations like check-in, cancelling,
* Controlling the guests who often check in hotel,
* Recording guests'' registration info or requests,
* Displaying past reservations info of guests (which room they stayed, how much they paid, etc...),
* Recording inventories of the room that is assigned as reserved,
* Assigning a reservation that is pending as corfirmed,
* Reporting the reservations that are recorded by filtering in detail,
* Reserving quickly for the operations that are done for group or agent,
* Making the guests who come for one day take the advantage of hotel services except room,
* Invoicing separately by folio transactions,
* Controlling occupancy of hotel and checking reservation operations by using reservation chart.

* Checking in or entering group reservations with one button,
* Sending the guest or staff info to security general directorate management system,
* Recording guests quickly by scanner devices,
* Listing empty, vacancy, blocked rooms through the rack screen,
* Processing front desk operations with rack screen (date changes, room changes, info update, folio tracking, check in, check out, recording message for room, room pictures, etc...),
* Extending reservation time of room by dragging and dropping on reservation chart,
* Blocking the card to open the door of room on check out date by door integration,
* Operating with daily forex rates by downloading forex rates automatically via Central Bank,
* The feature of sending bulk sms or e-mail.

* Creating cash pool for confirming the transactions and transfer operations,
* Exchanging foreign currency and getting report,
* Getting report of cash totals in TL or foreign currency,
* Entering mass folio transaction to room cards from cash account,
* Closing balance of guests according to defined folio payment type with one button.

* Recording agents,
* Reporting agent reservations,
* Stopping sales for recorded agent or groups,
* Recording contract information as file,
* Specifying market groups of agents like ABD, Europe, Russia and etc...,
* Controlling agent black list,
* Specifying quota or guarentee room depending on start and end dates,
* Calculating term passing of reservations that are transferred from agents separately,
* Specifying room rates according to contract number,
* Creating termly actions,
* Creating daily actions like stay 5 pay 3,
* Creating discount actions like applying discount for staying 5 and over,
* Creating extra discount definitions for room rates,
* Creating rules for termly reservations or number of guest like applying 20% discount for summer term,

* Entering room status info massively,
* Allowing room confirmation operations on other personnels'''''''''''''''' computers,
* Writing entry or exit of minibar products via IOS and Android devices to room folio card,
* Controlling lost property, complaint and malfunctions by recording them,
* Getting report about house keeping,
* Getting report about chef of house keeping.

* Integrating and working with supported devices,
* Writing fee of wireless internet usage into room folio,

* Waking up guests when the guests want with the wake up service,  
* Communicating between departmens for forwarding guest requests to housekeeper,
* Tracking all services thar are given to room by recording every notification,
* Saving notes about where the quest who left the hotel for a while is by entering location info,
* Tracking shuttle hours for transpotting to hotel.

* Getting detailed reports for all recorded reservations,
* Getting hotel status report, accomodation for one day and locater report, income department and general status reports, hotel forecast reports,
* Forecast reporting based on market, country, date or tariff,
* End of day reports

All hotel events like wedding, company organizations etc. can be planned and managed easily with Wolvox 7 Hotel software. By using WOlvox 7 Hotel event calendar, you can control all planned events. You can list all equipment that will be used in events.

* Tracking all organizations by list or chart,
* Recording the halls of the hotel by their features and tracking their status,
* Tracking the equipments that are given to hall,
* Tracking the reservations for conference and event,
* Finalizing activities by planning,
* Recording sharable halls,
* Specifying quota of food for the people who make reservation for meal or stayed in hotel by creating meal plan,
* Planning sitting plan,
* Planning maintenance times and blocking event plan for those times,
* Specifying event or meeting status,
* Recording info like segment of market, source of agents,

CRM is management of relations that are between you and your customer effectively. WOlvox CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will help you to increase investments and profit of your business by caring your customers more than you do, with the princible of creating customer loyalty.

* Creating survey for the guest who stay at your hotel and tracking them,
* Making mid-evaluations with these surveys between start and end of season,
* Reminding special dates of guests,
* Celebrating guests for christmas, festival or feast,
* Sending news of special campaigns that are applied for specified guests to the guests with mail or SMS system via ready templates,
* Getting understandable reports by displaying results graphically.


You can report incomes and expenses by creating stock cards and accounting codes thanks to that Wolvox Hotel Program''''''''s full integration with Wolvox ERP program. And also it is able to get report regarding purchase-sales invoice, transferring product via warehouses, statistics daily or monthly, etc...

* Creating unlimited stock card,
* Grouping the stocks as group, middle-group or sub-group,
* Assigning special value added tax for stock cards,
* Saving unlimited price list for stocks,
* Adding unlimited photo and file to stock cards,
* Specifying unlimited unit and checking balances by these units,
* Defining more than one barcode info for a stock and specifying barcode based on price or unit,
* Checking how many stocks in which warehouse by integration of warehouse,
* Blocking to drop to below or pass the stock limits by specifying special limits,
* Blocking to sell the stocks which have minus value,
* Specifying special discounts for stocks and entering dicount based on group or stock through advanced discount feature,
* Tracking the stocks that are sold by serial no,
* Assigning default supplier by defining stock suppliers,
* Getting report of status based on stock inventory or warehouse,
* Reporting operation dates through stock reports,
* Reporting blocked stocks,
* Taking and processing inventory by counting stocks,
* Labelling for stocks,
* Defining services and getting report of them,
* Printing label for packages and specifiying prices manually or automatically from stock prices by creating package descriptions.
* Transferring stocks that have delivery note to invoice,
* Creating receipe for products and semi-products, reflecting wastages or other costs to production,
* Tracking the operations of combining or separating production,
* Giving production order for the main products that have minus value on stock and are defined in recipe,
* Getting report for the productions that you create,
* Authorising based on users to access warehouse transactions,
* Transferring between warehouses one by one or collectively,
* Getting reports regarding to processed or not stock transactions, stock inventory, warehouse inventory, purchase-sale analyses based on daily, monthly or yearly, unit coss, etc...

Supported Languages
English, Turkish, Azeri, Albanian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic

Program Compatibility
* Full compatible with Wolvox ERP Pre-Accounting program
* Full compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
* Full compatible with Wolvox Restaurant program
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