AKINSOFT RealEstate  5.03.09
Download : Netemlak5.03.05.zip
Program Code : WEM5
Latest Version : 5.03.09
Size : 14,9 MB
Language : Multiple Language
Group : Sektorel
Sub Group : SK1
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Usage Areas
AKINSOFT Real Estate Program is suitable for real estate agencies, realty companies, the offices that purchase and sell land, house, workplace.

AKINSOFT Real Estate Program include the modules house record, office record, cooperative record, land

* House, workplace, office, land, cooperative and land can be recorded,
* Supply and request operations can be checked,
* Information and picture can be transferred from database to website via web module,
* Your special documents that can be designed thanks to design module can be printed,
* Contract of rent commission operations and contract of rent commission can be received,
* Reports regarding sales commission contract and sales authority operations can be received,
* Reports regarding flat for land contract can be received,
* Contracts that are between real estate agents and realty consultants can be tracked,
* Eviction notice and rental contract can be printed,
* Messages can be sent to the people who supply or request via SMS module.
* All tables can be transferred to excel or html,
* Installment operations can be made,
* Tiered voucher can be printed with printing voucher serially,
* Showing place operations can be tracked,
* Realty ad records can be tracked and reported,
* The records of which rent period is expired can be reported,
* The software can be used in more one than language thanks to multiple user feature,
* Your data can be backed up in the period that you specify thanks to detailed back up and restore system,

Reports can be designed thanks to extended and user defined reporting system. Forward works can be planned and applied.

Windows Compatibility;
It provides the advantages of quick learning and easy of use with handy interface that is prepared by AKINSOFT studiously.

The software can connect directly to Microsoft Office Programs with RealEstate SQL Database.
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Module Name Module Code List Price
Real Estate WEM5 195,00   $
Web Module W 54,00   $

Notes :
  1.Professional License is given under the campaign.
  2.Prices do not include VAT
  3.Prices are for single user.
  4.Offer prices are valid for overseas sales.

Price difference for 1+1 user 20% Price difference for 1+6 user 110%
Price difference for 1+2 user 40% Price difference for 1+7 user 120%
Price difference for 1+3 user 60% Price difference for 1+8 user 130%
Price difference for 1+4 user 80% Price difference for 1+9 user 140%
Price difference for 1+5 user 100% Price difference for 1+10 user 150%
Price Difference Per user (10+ users) 10%