AKINSOFT Live Support 2.04.02
Program Code : ILC2
Latest Version : 2.04.02
Size :
Group : Sektorel
Sub Group : Genel

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Usage Areas
All businesses that want to provide live support to their customers through their sites.

Admin Panel, Operator Panel, Customer Sign-in Panel, Operator Records

* You can start using it quickly by simply adding a small script to your site.
* Direct integration with AKINSOFT E-Commerce.
* No extra installation is required for your server. You will use the infrastructure of AKINSOFT completely.
* Your customers can instantly see if live support is turned on.
* If your live support is offline, your customers may leave a message to you.
* You can define staff and department and authorize.
* You can exclude some departments from the direct support  and provide to answer to only directed customers.
* You can complete your transactions quickly with the easy to use company panel.
* Staff can direct customers to each other.
* Customers are added to the queue when they first log in. At this time the customer is shown in the order of the number.
* Eligible staff can initiate an interview by selecting the customer on standby.
* A staff member can have simultaneous conversations with multiple clients.
* Conversations can be scored with the score system.

You can try our live support system by opening your 1 month demo.
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Module Name Module Code List Price
AKINSOFT Live Support (For 1 Domain users included) ILC2 79,80   $
Additional users EKKL 59,80   $
Renewal Fee (After 1 Year for user) _ 39,80   $

Notes :
  1.Professional License is given under the campaign.
  2.Prices do not include VAT
  3.Prices are for single user.
  4.Offer prices are valid for overseas sales.