AKINSOFT CafePlus Latest News
 AKINSOFT CafePlus 12.02.02 19.02.2019
How to Update:
 AKINSOFT CafePlus 12.02.01 23.01.2019
* Updated 32 bit and 64 bit blocking system.
* USB Quota system that is allowing to price files copied to USB. (Compatible with the USB devices like Telephone, Camera)
* Updated remote connection system. Faster now.
* Renting and pricing Steam account.
* Printer Monitor that adds automatically to account the prints your customers have send.
* Excluding option has been added for the games that were not working due to Blocking system, by adding them to the list.
* Updated voice control system
* It can make game console and table tracking.
* Working feature of multiple server at the same time (You can employee more than one cashier)
* Forbidden website control (According to URL and keyword)
* It can track member, client, stock and accounting operations.
* It can make bonus system and ticket printing.
* It can add the power cut.
* It can guarantee the security of your data through Staff record and authorisation system.
* It can limit .exe run and path protection operations.
* It can use automatic pricing system for printer printings.
* It can use SMS sending system at Servers and clients.
* You can get your prints from matrix printer tohrough Dotmatrix printer base reporting option.
* You can track overall view of the cafe and Bonus TOP 20 list through vision module.
* It can take under control of bill operations without any problem through Kitchen module.
* It can use file sending and receiving system between server and client computers.
* It can make program limitation according to opening purpose of the computer is game or internet.
* It can provide your data securty through trusted and new SQL Database system.
* You can use program with multiple languages through foreign language support.
* You can define discount on account closing.
* It can pay selling amount with bonus.
* Can see the remaining time at time limited computers.
* Can get accounting reports between date and time ranges.
* Can send the username and the password of the member to its mobile via SMS
* Can make the broadcast IP control automatically,
* You can get accounting reports between date and time ranges you have defined.
* It can save your Movie and Music archive by blocking file copying to USB
* It can turn on computers by single click through the server computer.
* It can save energy by turning of the computers that are on stand by through the server computer.
* It can set the wallpaper or flash file of the lock screen of the client computers.
* It can specify the advertisements with desktop mini flash banner feature by yourself and make additional income
* It can change starting page of the Internet Explorer by single-click through server computer.
* It can apply different prices according to specified times of each day of the week through advanced pricing system.
* Can use chat system between the servers and clients.
* It can initialize all the information by single-click except member, stock and unit records.
* With the help of "Icon Modifier" it can change the unit symbols with the shape you want.
* Command Prompt support for the external remote control programs(UltraVnc, Radmin etc.),
* Can assign membership ending date to the members.
* Can state expirity date for the tickets
* It can print batch promotion tickets for the short time ranges.
* It can give receipt showing usage times and bills to the members,
* Can make bonus transfer between members,
* "Record to debt" feature can be used for the credit operations.
* 51 Visual theme system is available to use
* Can watch the screens of entire computers at the same time.
* You can manage client computers from server through Remote client control
* You can make active or passive the DeepFreeze program installed on the client computers.
How to Update:
* If you are using Cafeplus 11 and previous versions use upgrade option when you run the program.
* You need to uninstall the client programs belonging to Cafeplus 11 and its previous versions and install the client program with the SETUP file. To be able to Blocking system run properly, this step should not be skipped.

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