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AKINSOFT Dealership Terms

The company that has intended to be a dealer of AKINSOFT and sell AKINSOFT Programs, is obliged to fulfill the following terms and conditions:

  1. Business experience in IT sector
  2. Software Sales Certificate, (Optional)
  3. Stable address (min 50 m²)
  4. At least one (1) phone and fax number that belong to the company
  5. Active internet connection and e-mail use
  6. At least one (1) AKINSOFT Programs installed computer to provide technical support to the customers
  7. At least one (1) technical employee authorized for the sales of the programs and whose expenses and all legal liabilities are covered by the Solution Partner
  8. At least one (1) technical service vehicle with AKINSOFT stickers, (Optional)
  9. An available website belonging to the company and giving a place to AKINSOFT in the main page and the sub-pages

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